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Mystic Carved Visage - Luminous Temple Patterns Phone Case

Mystic Carved Visage - Luminous Temple Patterns Phone Case

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Step into an artistic reverie with this unique phone case. The design unfolds a carved face, seamlessly etched into the ornate walls of a temple, awash with vivid colors and intricate patterns. A testament to the juxtaposition of static stone and lively hues, this case is a portal to the dreamlike realm of surrealism.


Why This Case is Your Ultimate Companion:


Rich Tapestry: The face, set against the backdrop of an ornately patterned temple wall, tells tales of epochs gone by and the timeless beauty of art.

Surrealistic Charm: A design that effortlessly merges the whimsical with the profound, reminiscent of classic surreal artistry.

Tailored Finish: Accentuate the artwork's vibrant tones with a glossy sheen or dive into its depths with a matte overlay.

Seamless Experience: Expertly crafted for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel, ensuring smooth ports and uninterrupted connectivity.

Gift of Imagination: The perfect adornment for those who value art that both challenges and captivates.



Crafted Materials: Sturdy polycarbonate (shell) complemented by a snug TPU (lining)

Finish Choices: Glossy or Matte

Device Fit: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel

Transparent pathways (ports) for a seamless digital interaction.


Drape your device in art that beckons, challenges, and enchants with every glance.


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