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Cosmic City Dissolution - Surreal Woman's Face & Space Port Phone Cove

Cosmic City Dissolution - Surreal Woman's Face & Space Port Phone Cove

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Journey through a surreal blend of time, architecture, and cosmos with our latest design. A woman's face transforms into a shimmering art deco city, its futuristic towers seamlessly transitioning into a bustling space port. This phone case offers a symphony of intricate illustrations, invoking nostalgia for art deco style while propelling you into a galactic tomorrow.


Why This Case is Your Ultimate Companion:


Uncharted Realms: Witness a cityscape where past, present, and cosmic future converge.

Artistic Brilliance: Revel in the complex illustrations, echoing the golden age of art deco and the boundless mysteries of space.

Tailored Finish: Choose between the radiant sheen of glossy or the sophisticated touch of matte, both accentuating the design's depths.

Seamless Experience: Perfectly designed for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel, ensuring smooth ports and unmatched connectivity.

Gift of Wonder: A sublime choice for the dreamer, the artist, and the futurist.



Crafted Materials: Robust polycarbonate (shell) paired with soft TPU (lining)

Finish Choices: Glossy or Matte

Device Fit: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel

Transparent pathways (ports) for unhindered digital exploration.


Experience a realm where human spirit, architectural grandeur, and the cosmos dance in harmonious splendor.


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